Anorak News | Massive Party Breaks Out On A40 Road Rave

Massive Party Breaks Out On A40 Road Rave

by | 18th, July 2010

THE BBC asks: “Have you been to the party on the A40?”

We did once eat an entire pack of cocktail sausages waiting to get off the flyover by Shepherd’s Bush. And we did have the radio on. And there were sirens heard. So. Maybe it was a party. But, then, no-one shagged a goat and shat in the freezer. (Yeah, Edmonds – you may blush.)

While readers respond, we look to Germany, where a 60km stretch of the A40 Autobahn has been given over to pedestrians and cyclists. Local knobs have supplied 20,000 tables for “the longest banquet in the world” in the middle of the motorway between the cities of Dortmund and Duisburg.

People are free to “drink, dance and perform”.

And its’ a work of art. It’s called called Still Life, and forms part of the region’s celebrations as Cultural Capital of Europe 2010.

Meanwhile, back on the A40 and there’s a fight on the Gloucester bypass. Bring a stool. And crisps…

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