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Raoul Moat: Schizo Tapes And The Making Of The Victim Killer

by | 19th, July 2010

RAOUL MOAT’S “Schizo Tapes” have been released by the police. The Daily Mirror calls them “schizo tapes”.

The steroid-popping bodybuilder hid microphones in his house and under his clothes to record 50 hours of conversations with police, social services and his children.

His recording of himself talking to the authorities and his children is evidence of acute mental illness? Or did the steroids make him do it?

But we are not to feel any sympathy for the media’s folk hero Raoul Moat because he’s a “Schizo”.

What says the paper’s Dr Miriam Stoppard back in May:

Violence isn’t a symptom of the illness but stories involving violence always hit the news.

She’s right. See the Daily Mirror. But was Raoul Moat a schizophrenic? There is no evidence that he was.

In one, he asks a detective: “Are you trying to provoke me to get a firearm and make me schizo?” When the female officer tries to warn him that CID has information someone is out to hurt him, he replied: “It’s a deliberate attempt to get me wound up. It’s part of the hunting season on Mr Moat by Northumbria Police.”

So. The story goes that police spoke with a mentally ill man in 2009 and told him someone was out to hurt him? He then murdered someone.

It’s a good job the media is there to remind us that Moat was killer and monster lest we read other media, both social and dead tree press, and think he was misunderstood.

In other news, a total of 15 people have been arrested during the Moat inquiry.


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