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Air Fresheners And Polish Give You Cancer Is Our Scare Story Of The Day

by | 20th, July 2010

SCARE Story of The Day is that household cleaners give you cancer. The Daily Express is emphatic:


Know that:

“Using polish can double risk of breast tumours”

Is “can” a fact?

Those who use the products most often are twice as likely to contract the disease as those who handle them sparingly, say researchers.

You want the facts? Here goes:

US researchers asked 1,500 women aged between 60 and 80 to recall their cleaning habits, and compared cancer rates for different levels of product use. Study leader Dr Julia Brody said: “Women who reported the highest combined cleaning product use had a doubled risk of breast cancer compared with those with the lowest reported use.

And all other factors were equal, right? And what if what the women recall is wrong? Is recall another word for “claim” or “believe” or “think”?

The researchers from the Silent Spring Institute in Newton, Massachusetts, interviewed 787 women between 60 and 80 with breast cancer in Cape Cod and 721 healthy women in the same age group.

You researchers asked women with cancer to think how they might have got the disease and suggested to them that they might have got it from cleaning products? So, ladies, how often did you clean? What’s that you say, girls? “Can we sue the cleaning products firms for giving you cancer?”. Whooah, ladies. First things first:

Air fresheners doubled breast cancer risk among women in the highest-use group, as did weekly use of mould- and mildew-removers.


Dr Brody said it was also true that women with cancer, who gave a lot of thought to the cause of their disease, may be more likely to recall their use of cleaning products accurately.

The Express carries this news on its front page. Which is scary…

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