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‘Muslim Toilets’ Blocked In Rochdale And Other Bullshit Daily Star News

by | 22nd, July 2010

THE Daily Starblocked Muslim-only loos”. So says the Daily Star on its front page. How did it block those “Muslim” loos, readers? Perhaps with a rolled up copy of the Daily Star coated in a bullshit story?

“We get hole in the ground toilets banned”


PLANS for Muslim-only loos at a major shopping centre are going down the pan. Outraged council chiefs have demanded British-style toilets are used instead of Middle East-style squat holes.

Did they? Anorak reported on those councillors who seem to be covering their arses.

Town leaders in Rochdale moved into action after the Daily Star sparked a national outcry by ­revealing the plans.

No. The Daily Star did not reveal the plans. The Daily Star picked up on a local news story – as did we – and ran with it, mutating the idea of Asian toilets being used alongside Western toilets at a Rochdale shopping centre into “Muslim-only” loos. Hindus form Asia would have to use something else, perhaps those Parisian Catholic loos along the carpark walls.

But, in any case, these loos have been banned. The Star says so on its front page.

But what’s this? Inside the paper of record and we learn:

Yesterday, managers at the Rochdale Exchange mall were set to cave in to pressure and abandon the scheme as a source said: “The decision is being reconsidered.”

So. The toilets have not been “banned”. Bansturbation is not working.

Labour councillor Farooq Ahmed said: “I have been inundated with calls saying this paints the wrong picture of the Asian and Muslim community. I don’t know of any Asian or Muslim families with these toilets.”

What!? Not even in Asia?

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