Anorak News | Irish Homeowners Can Legally Shoot Intruders In DIY Police Brutality

Irish Homeowners Can Legally Shoot Intruders In DIY Police Brutality

by | 22nd, July 2010

IN Ireland, new legislation means that if a homeowner is attacked in their home they can legally beat the shit out of the attacker. No need to wait for the police. This is DIY brutality.

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Irish homeowners can also use guns.

The police association of superintendents and inspectors, the AGSI, stated that “the current situation, which legally demands a house owner retreat from an intruder, was intolerable”.

Where this leaves renters is in a grey area.

Says one:

“I’ve been renting for years and this legion is just prejudicial. Now if I’m broken into I have to call my landlord can get him to shoot the burglar in the face. And you just know the swine will sting me with the repair bill.”

Says AGSI vice-president Dan Hanley:

“The bill aims to shift the balance of rights back to the homeowner where it should always have been. It is intolerable a homeowner should be compelled to retreat in front of an intruder who has entered the home and who may have malign intentions towards the homeowner, the family or the home owner’s property.”

Renters are expected to appeal…

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