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Jade Goody’s Ghost In Haunting Big Brother: Pictures

by | 23rd, July 2010

JADE Goody’s ghost “haunts” Big Brother. So says the Daily Star on its front page.

Jade Goody seems to haunt the Star, too. Deprived of its front-page stable, the Star pressed the panic button (f9) and led with daily news of Katie Price’s life.

There are schools of thought that argue that had Goody lived, Price would be still married to Peter Andre and the couple would be living under a rock in Australia waiting to be discovered by a researcher for 100 Greatest Televised Dry Humps. But Eton and Harrow debating societies are not of the real world. In the real world, Jade Goody is dead and haunting Big Brother.

The story goes like this:

BIG BROTHER is being haunted by Jade Goody and her ghost is to blame for a series of eerie mishaps in the BB house…

CREEP! The curry powder has gone missing…

SPOOK! There is a stain in the shape of Norwich on the sofa…

WAIL! No-one is watching the show!!!

But let us deal with the facts:

Celebrity medium Sara Etienne, 50, believes the BB3 star has returned to have some fun at the producers’ expense. And she has volunteered to go on to the studio set to exorcise Jade’s spirit from the show.

Without Jade Goody the show is deader than, well, Jade Goody. Since Jade passed, Big Brother contestant has risen to the fore and made the tabloid front pages their own. Jade even went back in the house to engage in a bout of tag-team bullying of Shilpa Shetty. Jade was game. She knew her role.

And then the best bit of the Star’s story:

Yesterday we told how the programme’s bosses believe they are victims of a curse following a sequence of spooky events. They fear they are being punished for Channel 4’s decision to axe BB after an 11- year run.

Keep the show going or else Jade Goody will stick around? Kill the show and we get more Katie Price. What to do..? What to do..? The Daily Star’s front page hangs in the balance…


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Jade Goody after being evicted from the Back to Reality house on Channel 5. supplied by

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