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Emery Boarding: Canada’s Cannabis King Marc Emery Abused By America

by | 25th, July 2010

MARC Emery is a Canadian imprisoned in American for five years after being extradited from Canada for selling cannabis seeds over the internet and using the money to fund legalization efforts.

The Americans charged Emery with “‘Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana”, “Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana Seeds” and “Conspiracy to Engage in Money Laundering”. But in Canada, where he lived and operated from, he was charged with no crimes.

About 75 percent of the seeds went to US customers.

In the US it is a crime to sell seeds that might be grown for a patient’s own medial marijuana, apparently.

At a pro-Cannabis rally in Vancouver his wife Jodie speaks:

“It’s true this is the first time Marc Emery, my husband, the Prince of Pot, has not been with us and it’s certainly sad, but we need to use this tragedy to motivate us to action. Because it is not just Marc who is going to be sitting in a prison cell if this government stays in power, a number of you will be put in prison. Every one of you selling marijuana – which is a beautiful, wonderful thing – this government wants you to be in prison, and they are a very dangerous threat to what Canada means.”

Emery keeps a prison diary. His campaign is growing:

On June 20th, the Sunday edition of the Calgary Herald ran a full-sized FREE MARC logo on the front page of section 3, with the article from the LA Times taking up a whole page inside. It was incredible! Wowzer! That blew my mind. The inmates loved it here; they started a “Free Marc and his friends!” chant, and I had to shoosh them! I’m so pleased with the clipping I received of it. That’s prime media space we could never afford to purchase.

Emery is keeping up his spirits inside:

Dear Jodie: What a wonderful day-after-our-4th anniversary visit! After we kissed goodbye, I went into the anteroom where I get stripped down and take all my clothes off, I’m asked to riffle my fingers through my hair, open my mouth, move my head from side-to-side and bend my ears, show my underarms, lift up my “sac”, turn around and show the bottoms of my feet and – there’s no other way to say it – spread my ass cheeks, to make sure I have not taken any contraband from you (though it would be impossible.)

Meanwhile, the righteous US Government and her people makes billions exporting booze, pharmaceutical uppers and tobacco. But if you want to us un-taxed marijuana to alleviate a medical condition or just to chill out, you are breaking the law.

Go figure…

Spotter: Tom Knight

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