Anorak News | Tony Hayward Gets His Life Back In Russia – 11 Others Still Waiting

Tony Hayward Gets His Life Back In Russia – 11 Others Still Waiting

by | 26th, July 2010

TONY Hayward is being replaced by a new company man. Hayward, who lost his life in the BP Gulf oil drama – Said he: “I want my life back” – was to get it back 24 hours a days seven days a week. The buck stops with the boss. As it is the buck stops with the big bucks.

Having worked at BP for 28 years, Hayward was tipped to leave the firm and enjoy his life with enough money for 12 lives.

Hayward is reported to be sitting on a £10.8million pension pot and salary of over £1million a year.

He can take the pension pot at 60. He’s 53. Basic maths takes that to £17.8 million, enough cash for Hayward’s own life and perhaps those of eleven more souls (give or take taxes).

And Hayward is to leave BP’s Gulf operation to but only to go as far as Western Russian. He is to work at TNK-BP. Oddly, Robert Dudley – who is replacing Hayward in the Gulf – was the head man at TNK-BP in 2008. He left the role. As International Oil Daily told us, Dudley was “the most high-profile victim of the shareholder battle for control of TNK-BP, which effectively ended with his departure from Russia“.

He fell out with the oligarchs. He lived to tell the tale.

The value of Mr Hayward’s life assurance policy is not known, but it is thought to be worth loads more than those of the 11 men who died on the aforesaid platform and who never presided with such kak-handedness oven an international disaster and killed lots of sealife.

Says one respected Russian oil man: “We’ll take the pension, the yacht, the suit and a small wage on ensuring his safety. He can keep his PR firm…

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