Anorak News | Marijuana Testers Required: Over 65s Feeling Ill Welcome (Marc Emery Forbidden)

Marijuana Testers Required: Over 65s Feeling Ill Welcome (Marc Emery Forbidden)

by | 29th, July 2010

MARC Emery languishes in jail in the US – the same country that sees a man known as William Breathes get paid – legally!- to test marijuana.

Emery’s crime was to sell cannabis seeds over the internet from his base in Canada and have customers in the US.

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Meanwhile in the US, Denver’s Mr Breathe is one of the first medical marijuana critics in the country.

And he is doing a valuable job:

A decade after medical marijuana was legalized in Colorado, it’s estimated about 2 percent of residents — or more than 100,000 people — have applied for medical marijuana licenses.

(Over 65s can apply.)

William Breathes reviews pot dispensaries and the quality of the medical marijuana they sell.

An editor at Westword tells us:

“He has his journalism degree. He was a good writer, and he could also punctuate and he could spell, which was very different than a lot of people who applied for the job.”

Mr Breathes, who took up puffing the weed to relieve stomach pains, reviews one hit of weed thus:

Load up a little bit and taste it. Try and taste the smoke as it comes out. It has a really woody finish, almost like a mesquite finish to it. After a few hits, try to see what kind of buzz it is.”

Other tips: Make notes. Do not wait to write your review but start immediately. Petition the US to free Marc Emery…

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