Anorak News | The President’s ‘Lies’ Over BP, Lockerbie And Al-Megrahi

The President’s ‘Lies’ Over BP, Lockerbie And Al-Megrahi

by | 29th, July 2010

DID BP lobby for the release of Lockerbie killer Abdel Baset al-Megrahi’s release to get a big money oil exploration agreement with Libya up and running? Did the Ameicans know all about it and agree so long as it was all kept quiet? Is the talk of an investigastion into the thing just hot air?

Anorak reader Cheryl writes of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s non meeting:

Anyone besides me ‘smell a skunk in the woodpile’? Up until Monday morning the Hearings were still scheduled, as I’ve been checking the schedule since I planned to attend them. To be honest with you, the moment the news came out on Sunday re this Administration’s knowledge of his being released before he was and their agreement to it there was no doubt in my mind the Hearing would be canceled.

That news was carried on front pages of newspapers world-wide and all most every paper over here and blog sites carried it on the internet Sunday night. Fox News ran it on TV Sunday night.

So, they blame the cancellation of the Hearings on the Scottish and British non-cooperation but what it boils down to is they don’t want to chance the truth coming out in the Hearings, held on nationwide TV, that the President told the American public a bold face lie.

Anorak’s Solution: Of the profits made, why not give £5million to each of the victim’s surviving family members?Why should only Government and big business profit.


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