Anorak News | Susan Boyle Gets £15 A Week Raise And Vows To Remain Unloved

Susan Boyle Gets £15 A Week Raise And Vows To Remain Unloved

by | 1st, August 2010

SUSAN Boyle takes home £300 a week. Every week. It’s front-page news on The News of The World.

Three hundred pounds a week when you are sitting on a £10m fortune is not much pocket money. But things are improving because in December 2009, Gerry Boyle, SuBo’s brother who tells us of the £300, told us:

She is still living off a $285 a week allowance which she uses for food and bills – but as for luxuries such as jewelery and flat-screen TVs, there are none.”

Gerry Boyle does a lot of talking. He tells us that despite buying a £300,000 home, Boyle’s allowance means she is unable to furnish it…

“So she’s still stuck in the small council house where we all grew up.”

Stuck? But in July 2009, Gerry Boyle told the Daily Record:

“Susan walked into the local council office and told them that although she was living in London, she didn’t want them to rent her house to anyone else. I think people were a bit shocked to see her but they told her they had no plans to let it go to anyone else – and now she wants to buy it. She will never forget her roots.”

In other news, Gerry Boyle makes us fear for Susan Boyle:

“Susan isn’t financially astute but she IS worried about her situation. She looks very distraught at the moment. And we’ve got worries about her safety, too. She visits the local Tesco most days all on her own. So we raised concerns about security with her management.”

This Hairy Angel walks among us untainted by fame’s vanity. Is that what we wanted from her?  Will she change? Is he still the drudge we can pity? Says Gerry:

“She’s lonely and downtrodden…”

Hurrah! What about love? Has the incredibly successful singer who looks as if she enjoys life (surely pitiful nutjob – ed; see all media) been kissed, Gerry?

“She’ll always be a spinster.”

But can you guarantee it?


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