Anorak News | MediaWatch Spots Emmerdale Jam Rags But Misses ARSE Biscuits

MediaWatch Spots Emmerdale Jam Rags But Misses ARSE Biscuits

by | 1st, August 2010

ON Emmerdale, the ITV soap, the Dingle family’s shopping list contains a reminder to buy “Jam Rags”.

The phrase is said to refer to a feminine sanitary towel. And there is some shock in faming communities that anyone buys the thing and shuns the tried and tested method of a well-placed baby lamb – in soft focus and walking on a sunny beach, as is the way of all tampon advert son the telly, naturally.

Of course, it takes a certain type to even spot the thing on Marlon Dingle’s chalk board.

Vivienne Pattison, director of Mediawatch, is that person.

Says she:

“Clearly whoever wrote that knew exactly what they were doing, and they certainly didn’t need to. It’s not a particularly helpful phrase to refer to sanitary towels as ‘jam rags’, and it is unnecessary. It didn’t need to be there at all.”

Anorak thinks it is central to the plot of everyday farming folk – as are the ARSE biscuits, written as an acrostic on the same board.

Pattison missed that but here’s hoping she now reacts with fury to save the day…

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