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Wayne Rooney Introduces WAZ, His Signature Scent

by | 2nd, August 2010

WAYNE Rooney is reminding us that he still possesses the common touch by urinating on bins outside the Panacea nightspot on Manchester’s John Dalton Street. Bottle the stuff and sell it as WAZ – the scent of the marketing department.

Indeed, readers, how times have moved on from those once halcyon days when Rooney was making headlines for being the White Pele the Less Short Messi and the Freckly Maradona – sometimes all three in one column.

Now La Roon spends his time taking the piss with a cigarette in his mouth and his cock in his hand in a Manchester alley.

Manchester Councillor Pat Karney thunders:

I will be writing to him to point out that we are introducing a bylaw that will see people who urinate on our streets prosecuted. I would not want to embarrass him by taking him to court.”

And shame a nation.

How we long for those days when England’s finest was shagging an Auld Slapper and kicking foreigners in the testicles as his teammates engaged in spit roasts and neon–coated sex in night club toilet cubicles.

With the football news so palsied, look out for Rooney lending his name to the WAZ – the official Wayne Rooney piss taking kit that not over-hyped England player can be without.

And the things selling like, well,  anything in a shop Coleen Rooney hass just stepped into…

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