Anorak News | Raoul Moat Is Now A Tattoo And So Is ‘Raul Moat’

Raoul Moat Is Now A Tattoo And So Is ‘Raul Moat’

by | 3rd, August 2010

RAOUL Moat: With the media-made folk hero dead and cremated, does anyone else suspect that his name is being used as a fast-track into the tabloid media?

First there was Siobhan O’Dowd, who on limited budget became a social media guru with her Raoul Moat – You Legends Facebook page.

She was followed by Sam Stobbart, the victim who told her story to the press.

Then came Carole Malone to tell us that all the Moat Maniacs will “die in agony”.

And today we met Chelsea fan Mrs Bystram who rocked up at Moat’s funeral do and made it into the national press.

All the aforesaid happy to feed the media beast with shocking, splashy stuff. Journalisst, ghouls and those who knew Moat all vying for our attention.

And now we introduce to you Mr Raoul Moat’s former cellmate, Nathan Flynn, whose armed now carried the legend:

“RIP Raul Moat. Born 01.01.1973. Died 10.07.2010. age 37”

That; Raoul; Moat. That’s Roaul Moat who was born on June 17, 1973.

Flynn, 26, shared a cell with Moat for nine weeks, and really got to know Raoul, Raul or whatever **** his name was. They were close. Says Flynn:

“As soon as I heard he had died I went and got a tattoo.”

And he showed his tattoo to the media. And they showed you. And Mr Flynn has his name in the papers.

And you can’t but think that if Mr Flynn had a spell checker he could be at tabloid hack vying to make the story his own…

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PLEASE NOTE: CHILDREN'S NAMES OBSCURED BY PICTURE DESK Teresa Bystram, who travelled from Weybridge in Surrey, looks at floral tributes for Raoul Moat outside West Road Crematorium, Newcastle.

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