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The Nine Men Who Traded An Underage Teenager For Sex Are Victims Of Media Bias?

by | 3rd, August 2010

THE 14-year-old girl was taken off the streets of Rusholme of Manchester, fed vodka and cigarettes and over period of days raped, sold and abused by at least nine men. The men are convicted of such crimes as sexual activity with a child, controlling a child prostitute, facilitating child prostitution and paying for sexual services with a child. The girl is white. The men are Asian. How relevant is the race and colour of the criminals and the victim?

The Mail says:

But the girl was then made to have sex with a string of Asian men before being pimped out as a white underage prostitute in Manchester city centre.


The girl, who is white, is now trying to put her life back together in a rehabilitation unit.

This site makes no mention of the protagonists’ race and colour.

Messenger Newspapers makes not mention of race and colour.

No mention in the Guardian:

No mention in the Manchester Evening News:

No mention in the Sun:

The Press Association, of which the Mail’s article is a basic rewrite, says:

The vulnerable teenager was targeted with vodka and cigarettes after she was spotted wandering the streets before she was made to have sex with a string of Asian men, Greater Manchester Police said… The girl, who is white…

The Telegraph mentions the Asian-white angle.

Crimestoppers says:

Nine men have been jailed in Greater Manchester in connection with the sexual abuse of a teenager who was forced to work as a prostitute…

The Express mentions that the men are Asian but not that the girl is white.

Is it relevant to say that the girl is white and the men are Asian? Is mentioning it or not mentioning it an editorial judgement?

The men are:

Ahmed Noorzai, 29, Mohammed Anwar Safi, 31, Abid Khaliq, 30, Mohammed Atif, 29, Najibullah Safi, 32, Asad Yousaf Hassan, 27, Mohammed Basharat, 27, all of Rochdale, Najibullah Safi, 32, Mohammed Khan, 25.

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