Anorak News | Eel Swims Up Fishmonger’s Anus: Pictures

Eel Swims Up Fishmonger’s Anus: Pictures

by | 4th, August 2010

THAT eel stuck up the fishmonger’s anus got there because he fell into a vat of eels and one swam up his arse.

So says Li Chang, 43, of Guangzhou, southern China. Says he:

“I guess they were scared when I suddenly landed in the tank so they started wriggling everywhere. Several shot up my trouser leg. And then to my horror I felt one go up my bottom.”

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“I didn’t say anything at first when I climbed out – I was too embarrassed. I dried myself off and tried to carry on working, but it was just too painful.”

Go on:

“I could feel it moving around. I hoped it would maybe come out again in the toilet but it didn’t. I was in incredible agony.”

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That eel is no gerbil. As media who removed the eel tell one and all:

“The eel was as wide as two fingers and as long as a man’s arm.”

If you need girth, take care you don’t tumble into a vat of light bulbs…


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