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The Sun Meets White Power Raoul Moat Fan Teresa Bystram – One Of Its Own

by | 4th, August 2010

RAOUL Moat’s funeral was not the last you will hear of Raoul Moat because the Sun leads with news that his send off was a “better day out for the kids than Legoland” for Moat Maniac Teresa Bystram.

The sun is just getting to realise who its readers are. And it is shocked.

Anorak agrees with Bystram. Legoland is OK if you’re into plastic action figures and bricks but going there doesn’t get you into the papers, unless while there you shoot someone in the face.

But this is not about theme parks. This story is based on another chance to see the famous Teresa Bystram, formerly Theresa Bystram (all papers), who pulled on her Chelsea FC kit (blue – this was a funeral after all) and took three of her brood to see Moaty off to that big club door in the sky.

The Sun calls Teresa and her kids “weird”. The Sun, which went to Newcastle to watch a nutter get cremated and then took a photo of a woman in a Chelsea kit and stuck her on the front page, says Bystram is 53 and “warped”.

Bystram has, we are told, a swastika tattoo and another advocating the joys of “white power”. She says Moat was a “good role model” for her kids. And we get to see Joe, 15, Jed, 14, and Jess, 13, sat on a bench studying footwear and denim like trainee doormen.

Says she:

“It was a nice day out for my kids. You know what it’s like in the school holidays, trying to keep the kids entertained and stop them from getting bored.”

It’s ruddy murder, Teresa. We hear you. But thankfully, sometimes there is something good on the telly. As she says:

“I was glued to the TV the whole time they were chasing him.”

The Sun labels her as odd. This is the Sun that broadcast a video of Moat’s last moments on its website and comes from the same stable as Sky News, which peppered its breathless reports on Moat on the run with live TV updates of police cars and guns. Once we saw a newscaster holding a big rifle and showing us that this is the kind of tool the coppers might just shoot Moat in the face with.

Teresa Bystram is “weird”, says the Sun. Maybe. But we can be more certain that Teresa Bystram is the ideal Sky News viewer. Yes, dear Sun, Teresa Bystram, is one of your customers…

The Funeral


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PLEASE NOTE: CHILDREN'S NAMES OBSCURED BY PICTURE DESK Teresa Bystram, who travelled from Weybridge in Surrey, looks at floral tributes for Raoul Moat outside West Road Crematorium, Newcastle.

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Raoul Maot lies prone

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