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Raoul Moat: David Rathband Visions In Photos

by | 5th, August 2010

RAOUL Moat continues to make tabloid news after his death and cremation as PC David Rathband tells his story on ITV’s Tonight show. Is it informative to see PC Rathband or are we just being entertained?

He’s on the cover of the Daily Express, with is “saviours”, hiw children Mia and Ashley.

Thanks to ITV, we can now reveal that PC Rathband was in a Northumbria Police Volvo T5 when Raoul Moat shot him in the face. He is now blind. Says he:

“It’s at that point where I think I faced death alone and was quite frightened. I saw my two children and they were floating past me from my left to right as I sat there and they stopped.

“And I can remember my son and daughter speaking to me and I couldn’t speak to them, I was drifting away, and as I was drifting away my son stood up and grabbed hold of me.

“And my daughter was standing next to him and then I heard the sounds of the sirens coming and then my son and daughter disappeared in my mind.

“And I heard three sirens coming from the area of where my police station was and that was the point where I knew before the sirens I was facing death because I did not by any imagination expect to live and I didn’t want to die in a police car.”

Raoul Maot is dead. But lives on in the news:


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