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Behold the Weeping Oily Virgin Mary Of California

by | 5th, August 2010

ROSIE Rizo of Los Angeles and Micha Abounassar of Glendale say the statue of the Virgin Mary is “weeping”. The statue wept while Rizo prayed before it and then continued to feel “oily” for nine days thereafter.

Odd indeed, that powerful spiritual forces need a cheap mass-produced china figurine to make themselves manifest. And as for her being oily… Well let’s not judge Mary too harshly – she lived in an age before dermatological skin treatments were widely available, and who can say that have never had a problem zone?

Says Rizo:

What I see is people filled with hope. I think there’s a lot of families asking for help in different aspects of their life and pray for a better today and a better tomorrow.”

And you need a figurine to do this.

“It’s a blessing. It’s a strong bond that unites us all. No matter who we are, where we are. You know, where we come from. We’re all the same,” says Micha Abounassar.

No, we’re not all the same. Some of us get impregnated by God and then weep oily substances in California while in the form of a doll.

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