Anorak News | Raoul Moat’s Photos: Facebook ‘Legend’ Siobhan O’Dowd Meets Teresa Bystram

Raoul Moat’s Photos: Facebook ‘Legend’ Siobhan O’Dowd Meets Teresa Bystram

by | 5th, August 2010

REMEMBER Raoul Moat’s former Number 1 Fan Siobhan O’ Dowd, the self-taught social media guru who set up a popular Facebook page from her humble home?

Ian Collins’ Interview With Raoul Moat Fan Siobhan O’Dowd

Well, news is that since Teresa Bystram popped up at Moat’s funeral to be the world’s leading Moat Maniac (surely a tabloid editor holda that title? – ed) O’Dowd has been reinvented as Shivoun O’ Dowd.

As the Star says:

THE jobless mum behind the sick Facebook group glorifying gunman Raoul Moat has been forced out of her home. Shivoun O’Dowd suffered threats and abuse from outraged locals.

Maybe one of her fans can give her refuge? Does the Daily Star need a social media expert?

Paul Gascoigne’s Radio Appeal To Raoul Moat: Audio And Pictures

Says Her mum Christine Forrest:

“She’s a very silly girl for what she did but she hasn’t deserved all of what’s happened. She’s scared to go out of the house now and wants to move from the area. She’s been shunned by nearly everyone.”

So. She hasn’t been forced out of her home, then? She has decided to stay inside her home for a bit.

The Sun Meets White Power Raoul Moat Fan Teresa Bystram – One Of Its Own

The best thing all round is if O’Dowd shacks up with Teresa Bystram and they team up to run the ultimate Raoul Moat fan club. This will also mean that tabloid hacks looking for “sickos” can make one short visit to Moat Manor in Surrey.

Pity the Sun whish has had to follow Bystram to Newcastle and back to get a story. Today the paper tells us that the leading Moat Maniac is on benefits.

What?! The mother of eight clad in the Chelsea FC replica kit, “white power” tattoo and Argos jewellery cabinet is unemployed? Shock of shocks, indeed.

THE sick Raoul Moat “fan” who took three of her kids to the killer’s funeral is raking in benefits totalling £33,000 a year…


Bystram, who has a swastika and White Power tattoos, was lying low yesterday as anger mounted over her 550-mile round trip to Monday’s cremation in Newcastle.

For “lying low”, read out when the Sun’s hack knocked and wanted another quote.

Still, there’s always tomorrow, by which time Mrs Bystram might have an agent…


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PLEASE NOTE: CHILDREN'S NAMES OBSCURED BY PICTURE DESK Teresa Bystram, who travelled from Weybridge in Surrey, looks at floral tributes for Raoul Moat outside West Road Crematorium, Newcastle.

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