Anorak News | Canadians Swear More Than Yanks And Britons – Moose Agrees

Canadians Swear More Than Yanks And Britons – Moose Agrees

by | 6th, August 2010

DID you know that Canadians say “fuck” more times than the Americans and the British? You might think the British would win. But the impression that Britishers are champion swearers is perhaps skewed by the congested nature of this country. In Canada they swear a lot – but very few other living souls can hear them.

But it is a fact that Canada wins. Someone has done a survey and found that “56 per cent of Canadians admit they use foul language regularly while talking with friends”.

The pollster is thought to have approached groups of people talking in the street and listened in. Such phrases as “Who’s that fucking knob with the clipboard?”, “Fuck off clipboard knob” and “Take your fucking clipboard and stick it up your fucking arse” were popular.

But the best line in the CTV (Canadian TV) reports is this one:

In Britain, a country known for its proper manners, 51 per cent of those surveyed said they frequently or occasionally used swears words.

The other 49 per cent said they used them all the fucking time.

A Study in British Manners: Do You Know The Peckham Terminator? NSFW

This reminds us of a joke by Jerry Sadowitz who famously opened the Montreal comedy festival with the line “Hello, moose-fuckers” and was promptly knocked unconscious.

Although if a comedian falls in the Canadian woods, does anyone notice?

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