Anorak News | Video Of Gwent Police Kicking In A Pensioner’s Car Window’s Is Anti-Ageism In Action

Video Of Gwent Police Kicking In A Pensioner’s Car Window’s Is Anti-Ageism In Action

by | 6th, August 2010

ROBERT Clive Whatley is 70. He has survived a strokee. In thsi video he is being pulled over by anti-ageist Gwent police and given the kind of treatment reserved usually for younger drivers.

After a 17 minute chases long small roads, Mr Whatley pulls over in his Range Rover. An officer clutches his asp baton and strikes Mr Whatley’s window up to 15 times. Another copper jumps on his bonnet to kick the windscreen in.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) was looking into the matter.

To Caerphilly Magistrates’ Court, where the trigger to this act of violence is Mr Whatley’s decision to drove off as an officer attempts to give him a fixed penalty notice in Cwmbran.

What is more, Whatley, of Ash Street, Usk, is not wearing his seatbelt when first seen. In mitigation, he says he was reversing at the time.

An officer says in the process of handing out the ticket to a car moving away – so no longer parked illegally (job done!) – the copper was “knocked”. Mr Whatley says this is rubbish.

Says he:

“I feel on health grounds I was justified. I was displaying my medication needs and [the officer] was ignoring me. My survival instinct was such was that I was trying to assist the officer the best I could. I feared another stroke. I thought he had finished with me. I just drove off cooly and calmly and not off at speed.”

He says he thought the chasing officer was giving him a police escort home. He was stopped by a “stinger” device on the road into Usk.

Whatley is duly found guilty of not wearing a seatbelt, of failing to stop for a police officer and having tinted car windows that did not conform to legal requirements. Also, he admitted having a registration plate which didn’t adhere to regulations.

He is fined a total of £235 and ordered to pay £300 towards prosecution costs.

Gwent Police issued a statement saying two officers had been removed from operational duty and that the IPCC will now resume its investigation.

In conclusion, Mr Whatley must feel delighted that such an ordeal did not kill him. As the saying goes, what does not kill you, kicks your windows in…

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