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Urban Fox Hunting Is A Hoax The Tabloids Lapped Up

by | 6th, August 2010

FOXES Kill. Foxes are running wild in East London. Something must be done. The Koupparis sisters have been attacked. A fox tried to eat them.  Paedo foxes are at large. Thankfully there is help. Urban Foxhunters are here. And the media is lapping them up. Tally noooooo!

The Guardian reported om the shadowy Chris Atkins and Johnny Howorth;

A group calling itself Urban Foxhunters has been condemned by animal rights campaigners after posting a video on the internet purporting to show a fox being clubbed to death with a cricket bat in an east London park. The gang, which describes itself as “a collective from Victoria Park who hate foxes”, claimed it was performing a “public service”.

Urban Fox Huntes will swing for their kidz:

“I have kids and I don’t want them being bitten by a diseased vermin scum, what’s wrong with that?”

Tom Mctague was the Mirror’s voice of dugust:

A group of masked thugs have sparked outrage after posting a video of themselves on the internet beating a fox to death.

It was emotive stuff:

The “hunters” catch a fox at the third attempt by using dog food laced with the powerful sedative Xanax as bait.

After the fox has eaten the food the group chase it, laughing as the druggedup animal ricochets off cars. When they catch the animal they beat it to death with cricket bats.

Indy Media declared:

Hunt The Urban Foxhunters

Dead or alive!

A cash reward of £1,000 is being offered by a wildlife expert in Kent for the identity of the owner of the Urban Foxhunters blog, an offer that is also being matched by charity The Fox Project.

Only it was fake.

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