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The Jon Venables Biopic And Other Films Glorifying Killers

by | 7th, August 2010

JON Venables is now behind bars. One of James Bulger’s killers is out of society. But the tabloids cannot look away. Today Venables is reading in readiness for his biopic?

The Mirror’s Tom Mctague delivers the news beneath the headline “Venables is studying Bronson” that the killer “has developed a disturbing fascination with psychos Charles Bronson and Chopper Read”. It is a “SICK OBSESSION“.

You mean Venables is interested in Read, the murderer whose life story became the Hollywood film Chopper, starring Eric Bana. And there is Bronson, the violent career criminal whose life was also made into a film, one he consulted on from his cell. Looks like Venables is not the only one fascinated by these two.

And you thought paedo pics were as sick as it got.

And we know this because:

A prison source told the Mirror that Venables became fascinated with the criminals after his guitar was taken away this month,

So. They took away Venables’ guitar and he now spends his time reading books not banned in the jail.

And this is bad news because..?


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