Anorak News | Can Michelle Obama Single-Handedly Save Spain From Bankruptcy?

Can Michelle Obama Single-Handedly Save Spain From Bankruptcy?

by | 7th, August 2010

UNTIL now all we had on Michelle Obama were her arms and dodgy prom dress. Now we get to call her Marie Antoinette as her lauds it around Marbella with all the taste of a Peter Stringfellow’s warm G-string a la mode.

Granted, Michelle is doing her bit to single-handedly save the Spanish economy. Spain is shafted. There is no work and no cash. But maybe if Michelle Obama can rent enough rooms – she’s up to 60 – and employ enough police to rope off bits of beach for her and her Obamettes to swim in – things can improve.

Of course, Marbella is already full of flashy new money tosspots in big boats, shiny flanges on wheels and this year’s take on the Russian long back leather coat. Michelle Obama risks blending in.

But Michelle has this covered. A few burly heavies might do for the Muscovite gangsters that prowl about Puerto Banus and the Marbella Club armed with 500 euro notes and women with faces full of novocaine, but Michelle has
68 hired goons and a jet called Air Force Two.

You have a boat. She has a submarine. You have an AK47. She has nuclear codes. You want nouveau riche? You can’t handle nouveau riche.

Says White House press secretary Robin Gibbs:

The First Lady is on a private trip. She is a private citizen and is the mother of a daughter on a private trip. I think I’d leave it at that.”

Yeah. It’s because she’s an intensely private citizen that the beach – which are all public in Spain – has been roped off.

Andrea Tantaros writes:

“…Michelle Obama seems more like a modern-day Marie Antoinette… than an average mother of two. It’s the extravagance of Michelle Obama’s trip and glitzy destination contrasted with President Obama’s demonisation of the rich that smacks of hypocrisy and perpetuates a disconnect between the country and its leaders.”

What?! You mean the Obamas like being rich and famous – like all the other Presidents?!

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