Anorak News | Jay Shells Launches Dog Shit Art On New York Streets

Jay Shells Launches Dog Shit Art On New York Streets

by | 8th, August 2010

JAY Shells has created a 28-square-foot panting of a dog taking a crap in Manhattan.

Mr Shells is annoyed at New Yorkers who let their dogs befoul the pavements and fail to clean up after them.

The artwork features the legend “Clean Up After Your Dog!” and has attached to it free biodegradable bags.

Dog owners can thus remove the bags, stick a warm dog poo inside and then chuck it into the nearest tree, as is their wont.

Anorak urges non-potty trained toddler (and their handlers), OAPs with lapsed organ control and Scottish drunks to approach lazy dog owners and shit on their shoes. It being what these people deserve…

Source: Jay Shells, via AnimalNY

Shells, who gained attention earlier this year with a guerilla art project aimed a subway etiquette, says he got the idea for the project after yelling (unsuccessfully) at a woman who did nothing after her dog soiled a sidewalk near his apartment.

“Shaming people into doesn’t work,” Shells said. “So [I thought] I’d give them a subtle reminder, or not-so subtle reminder. You should use it. Pick it up. Nobody wants to step in it.”

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