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Will Raoul Moat Inspire A New Facebook Button?

by | 9th, August 2010

RAOUL Moat news now, everyone. Yes, he is still in the news. And he is now a joke. Mark Nelson is at the Edinburgh Fringe. His show is:

Just unadulterated jokes told by a comic bristling with confidence of a professional who is as comfortable offering up a sick line about Jordan’s disabled child Harvey as he is delivering a predictable and groan-worthy pun.

He sounds terrific. But other than mocking such tough targets as a disabled blind child what else knocks ‘em bandy in aisles?

Nelson is not afraid of creating a stir or pushing the boundaries of taste, and although some of the edgier material is dated – with Stephen Gatley’s death making an appearance – he can also handle slightly more topical subjects. His take on the Raoul Moat story unfortunately gets more of a groan than a laugh, but is cleverly crafted nonetheless.

Funnier than this?

Ian Collins’ Interview With Raoul Moat Fan Siobhan O’Dowd

Or this?

Paul Gascoigne’s Radio Appeal To Raoul Moat: Audio And Pictures

No way it is as funny as her:

Carole Malone Says Raoul Moat Facebook ‘Fans’ Will ‘Die In Agony’

In other Moat news get a load of Chris Brown’s fiancée Zoe McKenna, 19. Chris Brown was murdered. He’s not hear to tell his side of the story. But here’s the NoTW’s Emma Barrow to kick over his memory:

Raoul Moat’s Funeral In Pictures, Starring Mrs Bystram, The Who And Chelsea

THE karate instructor murdered by jealous Raoul Moat for dating his former lover Sam Stobbart went to his early grave with a sensational secret-he already had a hush-hush teenage FIANCÉE.

Womaniser Chris Brown was TWO-TIMING her with killer Moat’s pretty blonde ex.

It is an “astonishing final twist in the drama”.

Raoul Moat’s Funeral In Pictures, Starring Mrs Bystram, The Who And Chelsea

By drama, Emma Barrow means the real-life story of a man who blinded a PC, shot a woman and murdered an unarmed man. It’s real life not a soap opera, readers. But through the lens of the tabloids, murder can be just another form of entertainment.

And how serious was Chris about Zoe? Well:

Smitten Chris had even changed his online Facebook status to “engaged ” on May 10.

Wow. He clicked a button on a website. That is serious. Is there an “adulterer” button on Facebook, or one marked “bigamist”? There should be. It would make tabloid reporting much simpler.

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