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The Billie-Jo Jenkins Case In Pictures And Facts

by | 10th, August 2010

SION Jenkins will receive no compensation for being wrongly locked up for the murder of his foster daughter Billie-Jo Jenkins at the family’s home in Hastings, East Sussex, on February 15, 1997.

Sion Jenkins served six year in jail.

In 1997, Billie-Jo Jenkins was found dead. Her head was badly injured. She had been battered to death with a metal tent peg.

Mr Jenkins, a teacher, said the girl must have been killed by a intruder.

The law thought otherwise. In 1998, Sion Jenkins was convicted of murder at Lewes Crown Court. His sentence: life. In 2005, he got the retrial he had fought for.

This time the jury could not decide. There would be a further retrial. Once more, the jury could not reach a conclusion. Mr Jenkins walked free from jail in 2006.

He wrote a book – The Murder of Billie-Jo, Mr Jenkins. He did his research and said he qualified for payout:

“I believe the Government should compensate me for taking away my liberty for six years, which also meant I lost the childhood of my daughters.

“Family members have died while I was inside. I had a kicking … I have raged inside because I have not been able to cope. I believe the government should pay for that … I fulfil all the criteria. The amount is not the important thing.”

He was after £500,000.

Says the Mail:

Rules state that applicants for miscarriage of justice compensation must show they are ‘clearly innocent’ if they are to receive money.

You have to prove your innocence? But in a court of law, it is the law that must prove your guilt.

Says Sky News:

Following the killing, his ex-wife Lois emigrated to Tasmania with their four daughters, who chose to have no contact with their father.

Says Elizabeth Jenkins, the widow of Billie-Jo natural father:

“Myself and the family think he had a cheek to put in for that money. I was pleased that he didn’t get it because I don’t think he should be a free man. As far as I’m concerned he should still be inside but he has just denied it all the time.”

So. Who killed the teenager?

On Justice For Sion Jenkins, Mr Jenkins writes:

“I will not rest until Billie’s killer is brought to justice. I need to know who ended her life. So I work, read and investigate to this end. Billie will never be forgotten. I will never give up.”

There are no official suspects.


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Foster parents of murdered schoolgirl Billie-Jo Jenkins Sion and Lois appear at a news conference in Hastings today (Tuesdfay) Photo by Stefan Rousseau/PA.

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