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London’s Non-Muslim Children ‘Forced’ To Eat Halal Meat And Swallow Daily Star News

by | 10th, August 2010

THE Daily Star followed that news on ‘Muslim-only toilets’ with a front page story on “BRIT KIDS” being “FORCED TO EAT HALAL SCHOOL DINNERS”.

What about if you a British Muslim? Do they exist in the Star? The paper tells us:

FURIOUS parents last night hit out at plans to serve halal-only school dinners. Pupils will have no option but to eat meat slaughtered following Islamic teachings specifically for Muslims.

In case you are still not appalled, the Star reminds you how Halal animals are killed:

The controversial technique involves unstunned animals bleeding to death after having their throats cut.

Not nice for the animals. But, then, killing animals is not nice for the critters pretty much however it is done.

Gary Nicks’ story takes us to the London borough of Harrow, where “two of the borough’s 52 primary schools have chosen halal-only menus. There are fears the other 50 will follow this autumn.

So, just two schools are putting Halal meat on their menus. This is front-page news because..? The Star goes on:

Angry opponents say it is blatantly pandering to Muslims by trampling over the feelings of other faiths.

Harrow resident Sheila Murphy thunders:

“Harrow Council’s decision is also taking away the choice of children and their parents over what meat they eat and I urge Harrow residents to make their views known to Harrow Council and get this decision overturned.”

What decision? The BBC has news that children are not being “forced” to eat halal is wrong:

Harrow councillor Brian Gate said it would be the choice of individual schools as to whether or not they chose to use catering firm Harrison Catering Services, which serves halal-only meat. The decision about whether to use an individual provider is for schools to make…

Or as the Star says:

“…all high schools in the London borough of Harrow have been told to provide only halal meat on menus.”

And even if the school uses halal meat you don’t have to eat it, as the BBC says:

Harrow Council said it had received “no complaints” about serving halal-only meat, with vegetarian and fish options.

The Star isn’t listening and wheels out a Muslim to be against the move.

Masood Khawaja, of the Halal Food Authority, said: “It is commendable for schools to provide halal meats but there must be an alternative for non-Muslims.”

There is. The local Harrow Observer tells us:

Harrow Council has employed a catering company to only prepare Halal meat – to serve youngsters in Harrow. Primary schools are free to opt in to the programme or look elsewhere for their meals

Not if they read the Daily Star they’re not…

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