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Why Do Preston Police Keep Stopping Jogger Eric Kayang?

by | 10th, August 2010

QUESTION of The Day: why do police keep stopping Eric Kayang as the dad-of-four pounds the streets of Preston in the early hours of the morning?

Eric Kayang, of Bowland Road in Moor Nook, has to date been stopped by police three times as he takes his morning jog. He says the last time if happened, police handcuffed him and searched him.

Her are some possible clues that might help you answer your question:

Clue 1: Mr Kayang is a personal trainer and really into keep-fit.

Clue 2: Mr Kayang was born and raised in Ghana. The 39-year-old was once a naval officer.

Clue 3: Mr Kayang moved to Preston in 2005 to start a new life. But things went badly when his partner died in child birth.

Those are pretty much all the facts to help you respond to our puzzler. Time, then, to hear form Mr Kayang:

“I get up at 3.30am and I am on the streets at 4am. I normally jog from my home down through Deepdale towards the prison and then back – a route of around eight miles. I used to run around Preston Docks 10 times each morning when I lived in Savick but the trouble started when I moved to Moor Nook.”

So. He wasn’t stopped and searched by police on his morning jog before he moved.

“The first time they took my details they asked me why I was running. I explained and they let me go. But in June I was stopped again. This time the officers just sprang out of their car and asked: ‘Why are you running?’”

Yeah! Why? Explain yourself, if you can:

“I was breathing heavily and said, ‘Officer, why are you doing this?’ They told me to calm down or they would arrest me. I was frustrated and said, ‘Go on then’, and they handcuffed me.

“They searched my clothes and made some phone calls. I asked them to take the handcuffs off and they let me go. This time I went in the police station and made a complaint. I have not heard anything since, but what has annoyed me most is, while I have been waiting, I have been stopped a third time.

“I told them ‘Not again’. They asked what I meant and I told them they were constantly harassing me. They searched my socks and put their hands into my pockets…

“I am trying to better myself. I am not a criminal.”

Clue 5: Says Supt James Lee, operations manager for Central Division at Lancashire police:

“I would expect my officers to stop people at that time of the morning. I think members of the public would be happy the police are doing that. We have three teams who are on nights, so there will be people who do not know who he is (from the last time he was stopped.)”

Finally, who wants to see a photo of what Mr Kayang looks like?

Answer: It’s because he wears knickers on his head…

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