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Is Caroline Giuliani A Victim Of Rudy Giuliani’s Privacy?

by | 11th, August 2010

RUDY Giuliani seems to have leant from past errors as he addresses the arrest of his daughter, Caroline Giuliani, 20, for shoplifting.

As we reported, Caroline is accused of stealing a small quantity of make-up from a Sephora store in New York.

She will appear before the Manhattan Criminal Court on Aug. 31.

So. What does daddy, the former Presidential candidate have to say? The New York Post reports:

The suspect’s famous father had no comment on Caroline’s arrest — or her treatment.

“It’s a private matter,” the ex-mayor said as he left his Upper East Side apartment, “and it’s going to stay that way.”

Well, a “no comment” is still a comment. He’s opened the door. But will he speak again on the matter? Maybe. Deceiver spots a time when Giuliani was not so private with his private life.

In 2007, Rudy announced his separation from Donna Hanover, the mother of his two children, at a press conference. As Stacey Schneider wrote:

The divorce was a vicious, go-for-the-jugular, corrosive slugfest, with Rudy seemingly pulling the sharpest punches of the pair. His ongoing public display of his mistress’s affections was certainly unbecoming of an elected official. But watching an uncaring father of two young children consistently display his contempt for his own family on the television news was both shocking and heartbreaking.

Perhaps he’s learnt from that experience? Or maybe when you’re no longer looking to be the leader of the Free World, and your personal ambition has been stymied, privacy is all you have left…

Those celebrity shoplifters:


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Stevie G - England captain “I grabbed a few pens and paper from Woolworths and made a dash for the door but the security guard grabbed me.” Go on. “I thought it was all over. I thought the club would drop me. And I was convinced the school would expel me.” And where would Steven be today without GCSEs?

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