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Robbie Williams And Anya Field Wedding Pictures: The Cake, The Onion And The Maltipoo

by | 12th, August 2010

ROBBIE Williams has married Ayda Field and Anorak has bought a copy of Hello! to tell you what’s inside the “WORLD EXCLUSIVE”.

And you are all invited to the “secret fairytale wedding” and “laughter-filled celebration”. The 60-odd guests have been invited to a James Bond-style casino party. Only, it is to be the wedding. Behind the casino façade is a world of vows, dogs in flowery collars and a wedding planner’s work.

The Bride & Dress

We first see Ayda sat in a garter and bustier on a chaise longue. She is holding her “best friend” Poupette, her white maltipoo dog. Ayda wants us to see her shoes:

“They’re Christian Louboutin and I’ve got a sparkly pair of Louboutins to change into for the evening.”

The gown is by Monique Lhuillier, with netted silk, taffeta skirt and laced, beaded corset.

The Bedroom

We then move into the couple’s white bedroom, with steps leading up to a four-poster bed. We hear that the couple are nicknamed “John and Yoko” by their friends. So he’d best not get a flat in New York and if anyone sees her going near a recording studio, call the Army.

The Love

Anya pauses to talk of their love:

“It’s probably quite nauseating to be around. It’s mushy-gushy, cheesy kind of love.”

Robbie asked her to marry him by handing her four playing cards with the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME” spelt out on the back in felt tip.

Says Robbie, who was once a confirmed bachelor:

“Ayda came into my life and my ethos cracked a little bit, and a little more, until it shattered.”

He is the “happiest man alive”.


Robbie: “When I had a deck of cards – I would split  the pack and always come up with a Queen of Hearts. Because I’m into mysticism, it filled my heart  and made me stop worrying  about whether I was with the  right person.”

The Entrance

“Gasps of exhilaration greeted the wedding party as it made its way into the gardens, which had been turned into a romantic wonderland of pale-pink and white roses, peonies and hydrangeas featuring a giant ‘Love’ flower sculpture.”

A swing band plays Sinatra songs. Chandeliers dangle from trees.

The Service

Says Robbie: “I just want to say ‘I do’ and then eat. All the other stuff would make me cringe.”

Cringe: So here come the couple’s eight dogs dressed as bridesmaids.

Cringe: At 1am, Ayda and Robbie change into his and hers stripy pyjamas, “personalised with their initials”.

Then there was Robbie bringing the house down with a spontaneous performance of his hit song Angels, which brought guests to their feet for a mass sing-a-long.

Stoke V LA

Robbie: “I consider myself married anyway and, not to bust the romanticism of it all, but she already is Mrs Williams and I’m already Mr Field.”

You can take the man out of Stoke-on-Trent but not Stoke-on-Trent out of the man:

“Ayda gets up in the morning and runs around like a blue-arsed fly, comes back all stressed because such–and-such wasn’t ready.”

Robbie is “watching telly”.

But Robbie does live in LA. So Robbie has been running five or six miles a day and has a personal trainer.

The Pickled Onion

Robbie: “There are many layers of onion to peel, to get rid of my fears… And then Ayda came into my life. Unbeknown to her she has penetrated a shield…”

Will there be children?

Robbie: “It’s another layer of the onion…”

On meeting Anya

Robbie: “I’m actually pretty socially awkward and, one-on-one, if I don’t know you, I get sweaty and I don’t know what to say. If you’re beautiful as well, then it’s a double problem. I revert to that fat, bumbling kid in the playground”.

Anya: They went to a party and felt a “massive click”.

The Home Wedding

Robbie says having the wedding at home enables him to “blend into the background” and relax. There was no best man.

Robbie: “Let’s all just eat and then make each other laugh, that’s how I want it to be.”

The Cake

Anya: “The cake’s got three layers. The first is red velvet. Rob’s favourite, the second is carrot cake, and the third is vanilla and coconut.”

The Future

Robbie says he would appear on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!.

But they love each other, really…

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