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Naomi Campbell’s War Crimes Trial Day 7: The Bun Of Truth

by | 12th, August 2010

DAY Seven Of Naomi Campbell’s Tabloid Trial for accepting diamonds from not one but TWO Milk Tray men during a Nelson Mandela-themed party attended by Charles Taylor, a man wanted for murder, rape and more.

The Sun delivers the news that “only 3% of people believe Naomi Campbell told the truth” at the so-called blood diamonds trail in the Hague.

Murder, rape and slavery is now the job for armchair detectives who respond to polls. So. Let’s looks at the players in this made-for-TV war crime trial:

Was it the petulant model? Was it Miss Naomi’s former agent Carole White who has had a falling out with said mo-del? Was it the African despot? Was it Woody Allen ex-wife Mia Farrow who once bounced Frank Sinatra’s moon? Or was it the avuncular Mr Mandela, with his eye-watering shirts and non-appearance? Neither White nor Farrow got diamonds on the trip to the party at Mandela place. Why not? The plot thickens…

But before Campbell is taken from this place and shot in “anywhere but the face”, the Sun says 40 per cent of its pollsters said they do not know who to believe. Did she know the diamonds were from the aforesaid Taylor, a man accused of using the rocks to foment a brutal war in Sierra Leone? Actress Mia Farrow says Campbell knew alright. (And if you can’t trust an actress, who the hell can you trust?)

While all tyrants realise that they need to avoid celebrities if they are to have their trials ignored by all media, the Guardian’s Louise Taylor produces a truly mind-boggling article when she tries to link football to Campbell:

An attachment to bling and detachment from reality afflicts our footballers as well as our supermodels. Here’s how we can remedy it

Get a load of this:

Naomi Campbell’s detachment from everyday life became starkly apparent during that witness appearance at Charles Taylor’s war crimes trial in The Hague where her narcissistic demeanour seemed eerily reminiscent of certain Premier League luminaries.

She’ll be talking about the bun hair-do, of course. Beckham has tried it.

They might similarly sniff at gifts of “very small dirty-looking stones”. Like the girl from Streatham, such men expect the diamonds adorning their wrists, ears and fingers to come “shiny and in a box”.

Well, so do I. But, then, I’ve never traded blood diamonds to fund a war. Yet…

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Video grab taken of Naomi Campbell giving evidence to the war crimes trial of former Liberian leader Charles Taylor at the Special Court for Sierra Leone in The Hague.

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