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Kyron Horman Reporting Yet To Trigger Libel Case

by | 12th, August 2010

KYRON Horman: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at the missing Oregon boy in the news: All eyes remain focused on the step-mother, Terri Moulton Horman.

And the police continue to have nothing.

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney have hosted a press conference. The focus was Kaine Horman’s white pickup truck and Terri Horman’s actions on the day Kyron vanished. Terri Horman was driving the truck that day.

What do the police know about Terri Horman, then?

When questioned about Terri, the answer repeatedly given was, “No comment.”

Because they have no evidence to charge her with any crime. The police have no answers to give. The police have yet to establish what if any crime occurred. All they can do is sue the media to apply pressure on Terri Horman.

And the media are doing a good job in cranking up the pressure:

James Moulton is Terri Moutlon’s son. James lived with Terri, Kaine, Kyron and Kiara. He moved out of their home several months before Kyron went missing.


Jane Velez-Mitchell, who hosts the show ‘Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell,’ questioned her panel regarding whether the move provides a possible motive for Terri to have done something to either harm or hide Kyron. The panel discussed the topic and agreed that it most certainly does.

Almost. Certainly. You want more facts?

On April 6, 2010 Terri Horman sent the following E-Mail. The E-Mail was provided to KATU by a source who chooses to remain unidentified.

“I had my son go to live with my parents so he would be happy- went from D’s to straight A’s within one month of being away from Kaine.”

According to KATU, Kaine Horman told the Oregonian that it was Terri and James who didn’t get along.

And how is this in any way evidence of a crime?

Former Portland police detective C.W. Jensen says investigators will be interested in this kind of thing because:

People want to know what would be the motive for someone to do something to a child like this. And what we’ve seen in the past in cases like this where someone hurts a child, they’re doing it to get back at their spouse.”

Kyron has been hurt? Is that a fact? And what is the “this” that has befallen Kyron Horman? This is just speculation.

Say other police:

Police also said there is “no evidence that Kyron is not alive:”

Police have issued a new flyer:

The flyer features photos of Kaine Horman’s white pickup truck, photos of Terri Horman, and photos of her friend DeDe Spicher. Reports say there is a block of missing, unaccounted for time in DeDe Spicher’s whereabouts the day Kyron went missing and it is understood that Terri Horman and DeDe Spicher lived together for a while after Kyron’s disappearance…

What do we make of it?

Bruce McCain, a former Multnomah County sheriff’s captain and current attorney said a mix message is being sent.

“According to her lawyer she’s cooperating and yet within days of that statement she appears side by side on a Terri Horman quasi-wanted poster,” McCain said.

Any witnesses?

At least one witness told police he or she saw a second adult waiting in Terri’s truck while she was with Kyron at his school science fair the morning of June 4.


At least two witnesses have told police they saw a second adult waiting in Terri Horman’s truck while she was with Kyron at his school science fair the day he disappeared.


Police say they are trying to determine whether a friend of Terri Horman, DeDe Spicher, was seen with her in the stepmother’s pickup truck the day Kyron went missing.

Neither DeDe Spicher nor Terri Horman have been named suspects in Kyron’s disappearance and no arrests have been made.


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