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Fiona Bruce, The Rada Stalker And News Of The Tautological

by | 13th, August 2010

FIONA Bruce, the BBC newsreader who despite appearing sat on her arse on the telly still won Rear of The Year, is the victim of a stalker. She is also the subject of News of the Tautological.

Get a load of these front-page headlines:

“TV Fiona and the stalker who won’t go away” – Daily Mail

If he went away would he still be a stalker? Discuss.

“Weirdo stalker ‘hell’ of Fiona Bruce” – Daily Express

Where is a normal stalker when you need one?

As for the news, we travel to Basildon Crown Court in Essex, where “weirdo” Peter Oakey is up before the judge for breaching a 2008 restraining order banning him from any contact with Bruce.

He admits to having sent her 20 greetings cards and three bouquets of flowers.

He referred to 46-year-old Ms Bruce as his ‘Firebird’ and scrawled “I love you, Fiona” on the cards, signing off “your loving husband, Peter”.

The Express sums up:

He has already had one psychiatric interview but a second report is now needed before he can be sentenced.

The court heard Oakey has been refusing to see a psychiatrist and Maria Dineen, defending, told the judge: “Mr Oakey expresses the firm view that he has no trust in the psychiatrists. He believes they are fishing for information which might be used by third parties. He has shown extreme reluctance to undergo any further psychiatric assessment.”

The Judge loses his patience:

Judge Christopher Mitchell told Oakey, from Brentwood, Essex, that he could either accept bail on the condition that he submits to assessment by his psychiatrist or be remanded in custody so the tests could be carried out. After conferring with his barrister Oakey agreed to meet the psychiatrist.

What else do we know about Oakey? Well, he once trained at Rada. The Mail speaks with a neighbour who tells us:

“He’s not a bad person, and he has had a rough ride since his parents died. He still has the voice of an actor and is extremely well-spoken.

Send the man down… (Deeper. Deeper. Deeper. More resonance. There yer go…

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