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England Footballers And The Beauty Therapist Who Has Slept With 5000 Men

by | 13th, August 2010

ON the Daily Star’s front page you can read about “sex-mad beauty therapist” Nikki Lee who has shagged 5,000 different men since tuning 16 nine years ago.

You can also read that England football shaggers – those “SEX–RAT FOOTIE STARS” – have “cost the team £20million in sponsorship deals”.

You might suppose sponsors don’t fancy England because the team are rubbish and a recession makes marketing budgets tight. But the Star says England have no official sponsor because England substitute Peter Crouch has, allegedly, shagged Algerian prostitute Monica Mint. Although the FA recently rejected Nationwide’s £20m for a four-year deal.

Anyhow, whatever the facts, the remedy seems simple: John Terry, Ashley Cole and Peter Crouch – who have still only allegedly shagged away from home – hook up with Nikki and get sponsored by her salon.

Unless they have already shagged her? Nikki has kept a full journal of all her shags, including sex with four men in one night during a stay in Ibiza. Right now the list is being studied for famous names.

The lads can read about Nikki in Love It magazine, which turns out not to be a porno maga but an organ featuring Kerry Katona’s “nights of terror”, a child “Killed because mummy had a fling” and “Dolls saved me from a pervert”.

The sports section is just as racy…


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