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The Green Apocalypse Hits Australia

by | 13th, August 2010

TODAY’s global warming wail is provided by Alex Carlton of The Punch:

It gives me no pleasure to say this. But cataclysmic climate change is going to happen, with all its promised attendant devastation, and neither you nor I nor anyone in power is going to do anything about it …

Lethal floods in Pakistan haven’t swayed us. Drought in Africa hasn’t swayed us. The worst heatwave in Russia in a thousand years hasn’t swayed us. Even our own murderous Black Saturday bushfires in 2009 haven’t knocked any sense into our heads. Perhaps if Sydney’s waterfront mansions plunge into the harbour, taking property prices with them, we might demand action.

As Spotter Tim Blair says: “Or we might wonder instead at how mansions already at sea level can “plunge”. If they began hiking inland, however …

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