Anorak News | Manchester Man Smashes Scientology E-Meter During Stress Test

Manchester Man Smashes Scientology E-Meter During Stress Test

by | 13th, August 2010

MATTHEW Hickey is up before Manchester Magistrates accused of attacking a Scientologist giving him a… stress test.

Mr Hickey is at Manchester’s Deansgate Scientology centre. He’s had a row with his girlfriend and been drinking. He has wandered into the building.

During the test, Hickey, 26, takes hold of one Brandon Sadler by the tie. He knocks Mr Sadler from his seat. Mr Sadler is bruised. The ‘e-meter’ machine is smashed.

Hickey had been holding the device which measured his pulse while Mr Sadler asked him questions.

The E-Meter retails at about £3,700. The box of wires is officially classed as a “religious artefact”.

Police are called. Hickey is arrested.

At court, chairman of the bench Trevor Cunliffe considers all sides and tells the accused:

“This is very unusual. Hopefully young man, you are going to turn your life around. If you so much as sneeze in the next three years you will be back in court.”

Hickey is given a three-year conditional discharge. He is judged to have shown “immense remorse”. He admits common assault and criminal damage.

Hickey was also ordered to pay £250 compensation to Mr Sadler.

Anorak wants to know if you have been hooked to an E-Meter and what the process was? Your writer once took the free book in Deansgate and was then bombarded with Scientology stuff for months. It only need when I went into the London offices and told them to stop.

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