Anorak News | Daily Mail Bullshit Over Boots Morning After Pills For ‘Young Girls’

Daily Mail Bullshit Over Boots Morning After Pills For ‘Young Girls’

by | 14th, August 2010

FOR those of you who like to prepare for not being prepared for sex Boots is selling a morning after pill over the internet.

Well, so says the Mail on its front page.

A call to Boots, as and we discover that it is all speculation. And here is some more:

Teenagers could buy the emergency contraceptive from the Boots website without seeing a doctor or pharmacist. It is feared this will fuel promiscuity among young girls…

Fears by whom? And since when have teenagers been “young girls”?

Sophie Borland does not say. but she does have more facts:

“…it will encourage unprotected sex, it risks adding to the epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases among the under-25s”.

How? You can still get condom and the pill. How will the morning after pill encourage STDs? Surely, the pill will prevent teenage pregnancies and teenaged mums, scourge of the Daily Mail?

Doesn’t stocking up on the pill, as the Mail says “young girls” will make them more clued-up on the perils of unprotected sex?

Anyhow, Boots are looking into allowing customers to buy some drugs on the web. This might included the morning after pill. Or not. Says Borland:

Young girls with access to credit cards – their own or their parents’ …

So you know many young girls with their own credit cards? And if they sue mums how will they, as Borland says,

“…unknown to their parents will be able to keep a supply in their bedroom”?

Such are the facts…

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