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Erith Man’s ‘Suicide’ In Dartford Heath Sex Game

by | 14th, August 2010

COLIN Birch is the 44-year-old, City banker, married father of two from Erith who “tricked” two prostitutes into assisting his suicide. Mr Birch hanged himself in what might be a case of extreme nominative determinism.

The Sun’s front-page headline is “SUICIDE BY HOOKERS”.

To a wood in Dartford, Kent, where Birch is stood with noose about his neck. The women, Marie Laurent and Alex Sturley, both 35, are verbally abusing him. The brasses from Katie’s Lovely Escorts agency in Bexley are working hard. (Fee: £60 each lady.)

Mr Birch is stood on a wooden step. He tells them he has harness to prevent death. They turn their backs and he jumps. He is dead.

A police source told The Sun: “It was death by hooker.”

Good on the police for talking in tabloidese.

Mr Birch had only recently lost his job as vice president with City-based Deutsche Bank. This might or might not be relevant.

A source tells us:

“A couple of weeks before he died he had five or six girls out in the woods and paid them to abuse him. The girls thought it was a bit of harmless fun and easy money…”

He called the agency once more:

“He said he wanted them to abuse him by saying he was a useless waste of space who deserved to die. He said he would have a noose round his neck and would swing but promised he would be wearing a harness.

“When the girls got there he was crying with the noose on and one of them kissed his tears. They are adamant he was still standing on the step when they left him and thought it was all just a weird fantasy.”

They found him dead. The women were arrested on suspicion of assisting suicide. Also punched is 41-year-old minicab driver David Bowyer, who had dropped them off at Dartford Heath.

The case continues…

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