Anorak News | Old Bank Robber Escapes On Zimmer Frame

Old Bank Robber Escapes On Zimmer Frame

by | 16th, August 2010

POLICE in British Columbia, Canada, are looking for an elderly man who has robbed a Prince George Bank of Nova Scotia and made off on his Zimmer frame.

The man, who produced no weapon during the raid, escaped with small amount of cash.

A mere half an hour later the 75-year-old was apprehended walking slowly by shops in the area. He is now in jail.

Says Gary Godwin, of the Prince George RCMP:

You never know what you have on the other side of the counter. If he says he has a weapon, the best thing is to give him what we wants. Err on the side of caution is what we teach.”

Or ask him to repeat his demands and see if he recall what he came in for…

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