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Lady GaGa Making Teens Blind Is Now A Tabloid Fact

by | 17th, August 2010

REMEMBER that’s story about Lady GaGa making fans blind – 11 million teens are at risk! The news on the BBC was that teens looking to get Lady GaGa-style big eyes are snapping up eye-distorting contact lenses from Asia.

Lady GaGa Makes 11 Million Teenagers Go ‘Blind’ In 24 Hours Says BBC

Lady Gaga has never worn them. Her big eyes are most likely the result of computer distortion. Lady GaGa is just the vehicle to make the story fly. At no point in the BBC’s story does any fan appear to mention Lady GaGa. Only the BBC’s Sima Kotecha mentions the star.

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Also, there is not one recorded case of any teen having their eyes damaged by these lenses. But the celebrity-led story is out there. One day on and the story is in the Sun:

“Eye peril in GaGa lens fad”

FANS of LADY GAGA are putting their sight at risk by wearing novelty contact lenses to copy the star’s doe-eyed look.

Putting anything in your eyes carries risk – but there is no evidence provided that these lenses are particularly risky. Still, get a load of Lady GaGa – and look out for tomorrow’s news of impressionable teens snorting cocaine up her vagina

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