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Haroon Zafaryab Is The Tabloid Hero In The War On Clampers

by | 17th, August 2010

HAROON Zafaryab, is the “HERO driver”. Mr Zafaryab is 27. He lives in Kingsbury, London NW9. He owns a Toyota Prius. When he parked in an area of “private property” in Wembley he was clamped. He failed to notice the notice warning of clampers.

The story goes like this. Mr Zafaryab parks his car. He heads to the mosque. When he returns he sees that his car is clamped. Ayon Malcolm, a warden, asks him to pay £100 and a mere £265 for the truck that is on its way to tow his car.

Our tabloid hero declines the offer. He gets back in his car. He sits. It is 1.18pm on Wednesday August 17. He remains in the car for 30 hours, says the Sun.

Locals keep him topped up on liquids and snacks. The clampers clamp all of his wheels. They put 40 tickets on his windows, black-out blinds, if you will, to help him sleep. Each ticket demands £80 for every 30 minutes waiting time.

Citywatch clampers, for whom Mr Malcolm works, are on the case. Citywatchprovide a unique and professional approach to all Traffic Solutions and Parking Enforcements“.

They know the law:

The Law requires that large, clear warning signs are placed throughout the parking area, informing motorists of the parking restrictions in place so that they are easily visible from wherever a car may be immobilised.

The Sun says the warning sign Mr Zafaryab failed to spot was “tiny“. Might he now appeal for his £100 back?

At the scene of the inaction, a tow truck waits near by. Police attend. Finally, the siege ends. Mr Zafaryab offers £100. The parking enforcement team accepts.

Which makes him a hero? He is a hero for ignoring a sign? Also, he wasn’t in the car for the whole 30 hours. He got out at least once – and Mr Malcolm got in. On that occasion, the police removed Mr Malcolm.

Says our man in the Prius starter home:

“Everyone was shaking my hand. The little man won against the big bad clampers. I knew I was within my rights… I was prepared to stick it out for weeks. I knew they were trying to rip me off with the tow truck.”

Good for him. The tow tuck call-out fee sounds like legalised extortion. But had our tabloid hero waited a bit longer, he might not have had to pay anything.

Home Office Minister Lynne Featherstone says it is time to “end the menace of rogue private sector wheel clampers once and for all… For too long motorists have fallen victim to unscrupulous tactics by many clamping firms.”

Had he only waited, say, a year for legislation to change. And think of the savings he’d have made on heating, shopping and baths…


The equalities and criminal information minister said private firms would be banned from clamping or towing vehicles but would still be able to ticket parked cars.

So. He would not have been clamped and towed but he would have been ticketed over and over and over. Maybe he won after all…


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Haroon Zafaryab holding the torn up parking tickets in the Toyota Prius which he spent 30-hours in until a parking fine of almost 4000 was withdrawn at the scene in Copland Mews, Wembley.

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