Anorak News | Cannabis Farmer Helps Devon Police With Tomato Plants

Cannabis Farmer Helps Devon Police With Tomato Plants

by | 17th, August 2010

MORE cannabis police news now as we note that the wooden tops at Devon’s Tavistock Police Station have been letting one Gordon McAulay, 32, tend their fruit and vegetables. Mr McAulay is a convicted cannabis farmer. (Mr McAulay has not been trafficked and never knowingly been Vietnamese.)

McAulay, of Gunnislake, Cornwall, was found with 69 plants weighing 6.68kg. In cannabis terms, 69 plants is a “farm” (with tiny cows, a barn made from a converted matchbox and a small EU subsidy).

Every week, Mr McAulay has been arriving at his local police station. And there he has been helping the coppers with their ‘tomato plants’.

But there is bad news for the toms. Mr McAulay has been jailed for 15 months at Exeter Crown Court after pleading guilty to producing £30,000 worth of cannabis between September and December 2009.

Defence counsel Richard Crabb say of his client:

He has been signing on at Tavistock police station while on bail. He has been giving police advice on how to improve their tomato growing.”


Mr Crabb added that McAulay had also taken officers a cake during his trips to the police station.

But , as yet, now Camberwell Carrots…

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