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Angelina Jolie ‘Betrays’ And ‘Makes A Fool’ Of Maddox

by | 18th, August 2010

ANGELINA Jolie’s dressing of her daughter Shiloh in surf pants and other Montenegro-style clothing is set aside for a new heated debate on how her dressing as a man will destroy her nine-year-old son Maddox.

The story goes that Jolie dressed as a man for a scene in her Salt film and then invited Maddox on set,.

“I invited him to come say ‘hi’ to me and I didn’t tell him who it was. So he came down, he shook my hand and he hung out with me for a while and then I said ‘Mad?’ and he went ‘Aaaaagh! Muuum!’ and he totally freaked out.”

And he ran all the way to Jennifer Aniston?

The Telegraph’s Tim Walker says this has “invoked the wrath of a distinguished psychologist”.

She is “Dr Dorothy Rowe, the Australian psychologist, whose book Why We Lie has just been published”…

So. Here’s the chance for the expert to plug a book and the journalist to write about Jolie. Says Rowe:

“I think by the time a child reaches his age, he has a sense of himself and wants to appear to be in control. In fooling her son in this way, she made a fool of him in public and this will make him feel betrayed, make him feel no longer in control, and break down the relationship of trust he has with his mother.

“Mothers play specific roles in their children’s lives, as fathers do, and, in forming a bond with her son as a man, and then unmasking herself as his mother, it throws his compass out entirely. It is the sort of thing that makes for a very insecure young man.”

Serious stuff. Always good to look at a young boy’s mental health in the glare of the media and speculate on it. Best the lad looks at these pictures of mum and sorts his head out…


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Angelina Jolie appearing in the film Mojave Moon. Half Length.

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