Anorak News | Middle Class Families Turn To ASDA For Aid Relief

Middle Class Families Turn To ASDA For Aid Relief

by | 18th, August 2010

MUCH debate over news that middle-class families are to lose child benefits. It will “cost a typical family with two children more than £1,700 a year” (Mail).

But will it. Anorak has calculated that if you buy Asda own-brand wine and humus, and replace the labels with old ones from Waitrose, you can survive.

Says one grateful mum:

“Who would have thought that a place like Asda existed? Thanks Anorak.”

Some of these shops are open 24 hours a day. Anorak suggests waiting until 2am to go shopping.

And if you must shop online let us at Anorak help you again, with The Anorak Serendipity Deli Association (“An arboretum of goods” – A. Turner.)

For a small fee Anorak will take delivery of your online groceries from Tesco, Lidl or worse and repackage them in our own embossed bags. We will then deliver them by sedan chair to your door.

Child benefit is paid at the rate of £20.30 a week for all first born children and £13.40 for each one after that.

Our survey says that nine out of ten middle class parents use the money for their child’s violin lessons. The rest use the cash for wine…

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