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Asterix The Gaul Shills For America’s McDonald’s

by | 19th, August 2010

ASTERIX and Obelix are celebrating another win over the Romans by feasting on chicken gizzards and fries in a McDonalds’ eatery.

You can fight the imperial Roman armies, Asterix. But you can’t beat corporate America. That gourd of isotonic magic potion comes in a branded coldi-holder with oversized straw.

Asks Le Figaro:

“After resisting the Romans, have the Americans finally scalped the invincible little Gaul?”

You mean the little Gaul with his own theme park, lunch boxes, chess pieces, dishes and little plastic objects d’art made in China is in it for the cash?.

Come as you are“, announces the slogan on the bottom of the billboard.

And bring your wallet.

But what says the publishers, Albert René, who own the image rights to the comic? Here goes:

“Asterix remains a rebel. He doesn’t work for [McDonald’s] but with [McDonald’s]. The Gauls ‘come as they are’, as the slogan says. We are not defenders of ‘malbouffe’ [bad food]”.

And to prove it, the spokesman says they turned down an invite for Obelix to appear in a Diet Coke. Why? Well, the campaign die not “correspond to the values of the character“.

But being fat and drinking potions that give you a rush in a McDonald’s is ok…

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