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Raoul Moat Ghouls Threatens To Kill Everyone In Northumberland

by | 22nd, August 2010

RAOUL Moat is back in the news, his ashes illustrating the NoTW’s story that this is the last we will see of him. So keen is the paper not to see Moat that it publishes pictures of his bother Angus and a woman joining the killer’s uncle Charlie Alexander by the River Coquet, Nortumberland. They are to scatter Moat’s ashes.

The girlfriend is described as “grinning”. She isn’t. She is smiling for a picture of the three of them being taken by Tony Wright, Moat’s friend.

This image, taken by a person from above and behind some bushes, is captioned:

STOMACH CH-URN-ING: Moat’s brother Angus, a mate’s grinning girlfriend and killer’s uncle

Look. If you crane your neck and squint, you can be offended by two men scattering the ashes of a loved one.
Stephen Moyes & Philip Cardy go on to tell readers:

THESE are the sickening scenes as brazen family and pals give monster Raoul Moat a hero’s send-off by the river where he shot himself.

Brazen – as in by a river bank behind some trees? Hero – as in tossing his burnt remains into a river? What you can’t see is the RAF fly-by, 21 shotgun salute and thousands lining up to sign a book of condolences.

One disgusted onlooker said: “These people gave him a send-off fit for a military hero. You would never have guessed he was a ruthless killer.”

Wootton Basset, eat yer heart out.

Our exclusive pictures show them posing for souvenir snaps after scattering his ashes in a macabre ceremony on the riverbank.

Souvenir? They are tourists at their family member’s send off – the low-key do being watched by a figure taking photos from behind a bush? Macabre ? Well, yes – they are scattering ashes. It’s hardly cheery.

Moyes and Cardy also tell us that the do is “tawdry”. Good job they and the photographer are here to raise the tone by publishing a candid shot of the event. Then:

They made a shrine using the empty urn at the spot where he died after a police siege.

Hold on. Mr Charlie Alexander said the urn was tossed in a bin. Might his photographer have retrieved it and placed it by the river’s edge?

“…they made their sick shrine using the empty urn and a picture of Moat holding a puppy before going to the Newcastle House Hotel in the centre of the village to toast his memory.”

Is is so disgusting, isn’t it. And it is important that you know about all of this, and can indentify the spot there Moat was scattered to the waters because in death, as in life, Moat threatens the people of Rothbury:

Meanwhile ghouls are accused of putting Rothbury residents’ lives at risk by leaving the lid of a vital flood culvert where Moat hid lying open.

“They are actually climbing in to pose for pictures,” said Coun Steve Bridgett in disgust “The lid is there to stop the village being flooded.”

And did the waters break as the killer was dropped within. The waters swirled with rage. Possessed!

Raoul Moat is in the water supply. He might kill us all yet…


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