Anorak News | X Factor: Shirlena Johnson’s ‘Mental Illness’ Makes Her Susan Boyle 2

X Factor: Shirlena Johnson’s ‘Mental Illness’ Makes Her Susan Boyle 2

by | 24th, August 2010

SHIRLENA Johnson, of Whitechapel, London, is to be removed from the X Factor because she is “ticking timebomb”. And that makes her the new Susan Boyle.

Well, so says the Sun, which leads with news that howling autotune product with the John Wayne gait “hid mental illness”.

Did she hide it under her Ken Dodd wig? Did she hide it when she howled and said that we all need mercy? Or is her health her own business and not the stuff of tabloid gossip about a rigged show in which Katie Waissll is promoted and singers the judges like are mutated?

And Shirlena has already missed out on a part in Miss Great Britain’s Essex hearts. To be the most beautiful woman in Essex you need to be no older than 29. Shirlena said she was 28 on her entry form but is actually 30.

But the best bit about Shirlena is that she is giving Jan Moir a Jan Moir moment:

Some even said that the men in white coats should have been called when Shirlena started singing. Simon said approvingly that she was ‘fantastically nuts’. In a good way.

Isn’t mental illness funny. Get this in the Sun:

WORRIED medics last night claimed X Factor star Shirlena Johnson is a “ticking timebomb” – as fragile as troubled singer Susan Boyle…

That’s Susan Boyle, the multi-millions-album selling artist, who has NOT cracked up in the face of constant media speculation on her mental health? Bet Shirlena can’t wait to go kaboom.

Psychiatrists have declared she has a series of problems which may affect her ability to care for Mariah.

That’s Mariah, her three-year-old daughter.

A medical source said: “Shirlena is as fragile as Susan Boyle was – but the difference is that Susan didn’t have a child to worry about.”

No. Susan Boyle had a cat. She never tossed it in the bin. Did she? Did she?!

“…Sadly Shirlena is not in the best of health. She has been described by expert professionals as a ‘ticking timebomb’.

No expert professionals are cited, but we do get to hear from the unnamed “source”, who is happy to speculate on a person’s mental health:

“We watched the show on Saturday and – rather than thinking, ‘She’s so quirky’ like the rest of Britain – it just gave me the shivers. She is not a well woman.”

Or as Jan Moir outs it,– “she’s nuts”. Cue a debate on mental health…

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