Anorak News | Essex Man Dies When Neighbourhood Watch Sticker Catches Fire

Essex Man Dies When Neighbourhood Watch Sticker Catches Fire

by | 25th, August 2010

THURROCK Council has highlighted a new peril: neighbourhood watch stickers. It is our Scare Story of the Day.

The story is rooted in the actions of one Kevin Coombes. He lives in a council flats in Cam Green, South Ockendon. That’s him sticking a neighbourhood watch sticker on a window by the communal entrance.

But the sticker is a “fire hazard”. It will have to go. Says Mr Coombes:

“I put the stickers up because we get a lot of crime and graffiti around here, but they were taken down. I put more up but these were taken down by the caretaker as well, so I called the council to find out why.

“I was told that the stickers were against health and safety regulations because they were a fire hazard.”

Thurrock Council’s decision is final.

“I phoned up Grays fire station and spoke to someone there too, and they agreed that the stickers weren’t dangerous. I went back to the council and told them this, then they started saying that the stickers weren’t allowed because they may encourage other people to stick things up, it’s just ridiculous.”

Is it? One sticker can lead to other. Before too long the windows will be covered in them.

The last glimmer of light will be rubbed out when a do-gooder slaps up the message “Don’t follow me I’m lost too” on the glass.

And everyone will die.

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